• Total Golf Experience, FOR KIDS!

    Join Total Golf Experience for some summer fun on the greens at one of our camps! This summer we have camps for students of all ages. From 4 years old and up, our coaches and facilities have classes that are right for your junior golfer. Make sure to register online today before the week you want fills up!

  • Private Lessons & Tournament Prep

    If group lessons are not for you, we also provide private lessons to help juniors get an even better understanding of the game. These lessons also help juniors who wish to play competitively take their game to the next level!

    For more information on scheduling your private lesson or on getting competition ready, contact Coach Josh today (joshua@totalgolfexperience.org).

  • Having Fun, Learning Together

    The truth is, kids just learn differently than adults. Our classes provide opportunities for junior golfers to learn the sport in safe and fun settings, just for them.


We will not be offering golf classes during the course of the 2016 fall season.  It has been a delight this summer and in the previous five years to have served the golfing community at Bobby Jones Golf course.As most of you know, there have been new developments as it relates to the management of the course and the neighborhood’s decision to shift the purpose of the course and it’s focus in the months and years to come. While on the whole, we at Total Golf have remained committed to one purpose,the best junior golf experience in the City, we can say that the shift in management is affecting us.In light of some of these changes, and not knowing how they will affect us in the long term, Coach Scott has decided to move north to find a place to coach there. We send him all our best wishes and hope the best for him on this part of the journey.Over the course of the last few weeks we have been working hard to find the caliber and kind of coaches that are necessary for your children. We have been unable to find these people. As such, we will not be offering Junior golf classes during the course of the fall season. If the new management of Bobby Jones, and of the facilities, chooses to work with us, we will look forward to serving you again.

Thank you for five wonderful years of growing the game of golf through young people. You have welcomed us into your families, trusted us with your children, and we are deeply grateful for this work.

For now, keep on swinging!

All the best-

Laura, Coach Josh, and Coach Scott